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Moles and Voles

Moles and voles have little in common other than having similar names and their uncanny ability to destroy lawns. A good way to remember the difference between the two is to remember that the “M” for mole is for meat, and the “V” in vole is for vegetarian. Our mole and vole service starts with a detailed check-up of your property to identify the nuisance and the degree of infestation. After identification we begin a program that may involve baiting and/or trapping. The initial goal is to eliminate the infestation. Upon getting rid of the infestation we begin a maintenance program to control any new visitors or stragglers. We cannot prevent new moles from entering your property, but our mole control or vole control program will eradicate new guests. Keep in mind that a single mole can wreak havoc on a lawn, but more than likely there are more.


  • Don’t hibernate, instead they feed all year.
  • They burrow up to 18’ of tunnels per hour.
  • They are 6”-8” in length and weigh 5-7 ounces.
  • They eat a lot. The average mole eats 85% of their body weight daily. They have been known to eat 40-50 pounds of earthworms each year.
  • They dig up to 5’ below the surface.
  • They can have 2-9 offspring in the spring.
  • Their fast. They can go 80’in 60 seconds.


  • They are small rodent that are roughly 3-6” in length.
  • They vary in color from gray to brown.
  • Can create above-ground and underground passageways in the soil.
  • Prefer to eat vegetation, which can cause significant damage to your lawn, garden and beds.
  • Reproduce a lot and can quickly colonize an area. They live roughly 16 months or less and can deliver babies in 21 days with each litter up to six young. They can have up to 35 offspring per year.
  • They may nest under patios, porches and in beds.

For a free estimate call your community lawn care at 1-800-LAWN-CARE.

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