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Lawn Maintenance is More Than Simple Landscaping

by admin on July 22, 2010

Lawn Maintenance is More Than Simple Landscaping

When you think of lawn maintenance, do images of artful landscaping immediately come to mind? The link between your lawn’s aesthetic beauty and its health is undeniable. And because disease, insects, and weeds do the bulk of their damage during the summer months, now is the time to control them.

The Onset of Disease

Lawn diseases can be difficult to diagnose before they have done substantial damage. Familiarizing yourself with common varieties of mosses, algae, mildew, and mushrooms will go a long way in improving your identification skills. Also, most of these species can be treated with some savvy management practices. Here are some suggestions from the North Dakota State University Agricultural Department:

Plant suitable grass varieties for your climate.
Water and fertilize in the proper amounts.
Mow regularly at the recommended height.
Aerate periodically as needed.

Suffering from Insect-a phobia

The insects that do the most damage to an otherwise healthy lawn are the ones you rarely see. Many types of beetles, cinch bugs, and worms are revealed only through The University of California Davis’ Integrated Pest Management Program suggests looking for these signs.

Chewed leaves in irregular patches.
Brown-tinged grass in irregular patches.
Yellowish patches in exceptionally warm weather.
Grass with few roots that can be pulled up easily.

When Weeds Attack

Weed issues are entirely local. That is to say, the weeds you’ll most likely encounter thrive in your region’s particular climate and precipitation range. The most common weed maintenance process is with spray, granular, and aerosol weed killers. Your lawn professional will prescribe one of several chemical agents: 4-D, MCPP, dicamba or Basagran. Combinations of formulas are not uncommon for homeowners with a range of weed problems.

Source(s): University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, NDSU, UC IPM Online

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