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Lawn care for St. Augustine grass

by admin on March 2, 2012

St. Augustine grass is one of the most commonly used turf grasses in the United States, typically found in lawns along the Gulf Coast. Even though it is common in areas with high humidity, lawn care experts say it does not have a high success rate in soils that are waterlogged. Conversely, St. Augustine grass also does not do well in areas where the soil may encounter long bouts of drought. This type of grass also will not thrive in any other areas than those that have mild winter temperatures.

St. Augustine grass endures reasonable shade, being as good or better than other warm season grasses for shaded sites. However, in a heavily shaded environment, St. Augustine grass develops slender, spindly turf. When soil conditions are ideal, St. Augustine is a coarse grass that grows thick and green, making it a favorite among homeowners from the Carolinas down through Florida.

The success of St. Augustine grass, according to lawn care professionals, depends a great deal on mowing, fertilization and watering habits. With the adequate nutrients, proper mowing techniques and regular watering, St. Augustine can become a dense, green and virtually weed-free lawn. Luckily, in the more coastal areas, St. Augustine grass can thrive with little to no watering schedule since the frequent rains take care of its moisture needs.

If you live in an area that is ideal for the necessary growing conditions of St. Augustine grass, contact your local lawn care company and find out how you can bring this beautiful grass to your property this season.

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