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Is your Lawn Care Company Helping you With Quackgrass?

by admin on July 5, 2010

Is your Lawn Care Company Helping you With Quackgrass?

Is Your Lawn Care Company Helping You With QuackGrass?

If you have any thin areas of your lawn, this light green grass may try to take over your lawn.

So, its grass right? What is the problem then?

The problem is that it is rough, coarse, and grows more than 5 feet in a single season. That means it not only looks ugly, but it is very uncomfortable for anyone walking without shoes, attempting to have a picnic, or just rough-housing on the lawn.

I would encourage you to ask your lawn care company what they are doing about the possibility of “Quackgrass” taking over the thinner areas of your lawn.

Here is some useful information about quackgrass:

It is characterized by very coarse, green/blue-green blades. Often it shoots up flower spikes that look a bit like wheat. In the spring and fall it grows quickly, and may not even be noticed at first. However, it becomes very unsightly when it turns brown in the summer, leaving large patches of dead looking turf in your lawn.

It grows well everywhere in the United States except the extreme South, and is known by various names: twitch, dog grass, quitch grass, quick grass, couch grass. Its scientific name is Elymus repens. Quackgrass is well known as an invasive weed because it is so difficult to remove.

Here is a quick overview of how to remove it:

-Dig deep into the ground, removing as much of the grass as possible (including all roots).

-Lay down cardboard on any area where the grass was removed.

-Lay down woodchips on top of the cardboard (make sure the layer of woodchips is 2 or 3 inches thick).

If you are still having difficulty with quackgrass coming back, contact your local lawn care company. Here at Natural Way Lawn Care in Michigan we have special methods for ridding your lawn of quack grass once and for all.

Keith Fetzner is the owner of Natural Way Lawn Care and Lawn Service which provides Lawn Service, Lawn Care for Southeastern Michigan and the Detroit Metro Area.

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